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Gifts from France and souvenirs of Paris


Traditional Production of France

A lot of scents and freshness in these departments offering Perfumes and Fragrances from Paris and Provence, a range of personal care gifts and soaps of Provence for bath and washing, home perfumes based on lavender of Provence, and a collection of mirrors and pillboxes on French and Paris themes.

Bath & Body Care

Bath & Body Care Bath & Body Care
Bath and Body Care products, typical lavender soaps and scents from Provence selected by Souvenirs of France

Home Perfumes

Home Perfumes Home Perfumes
Refined Home Perfumes with lavender of Provence and Diffusers, get sunny scents from the French Riviera at home or on your linen

Mirrors, Pillboxes

Mirrors, Pillboxes Mirrors, Pill Boxes
Souvenir Mirrors and Pillboxes on Paris and on  typical French
themes, a collection of smart and useful gift ideas

Perfumes, Fragrances

Perfumes, Fragrances Perfumes, Fragrances
Charrier Perfumes of Provence and Eaux de Toilette, a refined range of perfumes and gift boxes for Women and Men

Personal Care Gifts

Personal Care Gifts Body Beauty Kits
Personal Care Gifts, a lovely collection of scents and bath products with lavender flowers of Provence, perfect for a present