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Gifts from France and souvenirs of Paris


PSG Paris-Saint-GermainFrench Soccer TeamOlympique de Marseille

All the gifts presented in these departments are high quality items made under official license of PSG Paris Saint-Germain, Olympique de Marseille and of the French Football Federation (soccer). Find the emblematic gifts and items of French soccer, such as t-shirts, caps, mugs, balls, keyrings, scarves, and many other nice articles.

Children's Soccer

Children's SoccerHere is a selection of irresistible items for babies and toddlers, and gift ideas for older kids such as the PSG football jerseys.

Soccer Accessories

Soccer AccessoriesNice and useful PSG, OM and FFF official items, mugs, balls, keychains, etc... A good way to find original gift ideas on French soccer and the French Football Team.

Soccer Caps & Hats

Soccer Caps & HatsHigh quality official caps and hats are offered in this department. The 100% cotton caps are robust and convenient for all uses.

Soccer Clothing

Soccer ClothingDiscover in this department the genuine football jerseys proposed by PSG, OM and the FFF, as well as a range of official t-shirts and tracksuits for all the family.